I’m a bit annoyed..

I don’t know if I’m in the wrong but I had plans with A & B this Friday..yet A decided to invite her other 2 friends which both B and myself are acquainted but not too close..yet…it’s also A’s friend’s birthday…I mean…what does A wants us to do? Buy her friend a gift and celebrate her birthday when we’re not really close friends?? And it’s not like I could’ve said “no” to inviting her when she asked me like that…I would’ve been a bitch..

Ahh…should I fake sick or go along with it?? I’m hoping B would come or else..awks

But..I’m just annoyed that she would do this…if u want to celebrate ur friend’s birthday then do it as a dinner…not part of our brunch..plus…we planned this since last wk thus A had ages to cancel..and I wouldn’t have minded..

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