Hurricane Grills @ The Harbourside

Was too tired to write a post last night as I went straight to bed…I think I might be getting sick as I’ve been coughing since last night…
Anyways, yesterday was a great post-birthday celebration for me ^^ WOOHOO!!! Received presents, love, and exciting new experiences with my best buds!

I won’t list everything but the foods we ate hahas as I need to go to uni soon or else my friend will kill me .. Yes…im scared of her…hahas

So…had brunch at Hurricane Grills~~ YUM!!! Great place!!! I shared a full rack of pork ribs with my friend whilst the other had a Hurricane burger~~ both dishes were massive!!!! And those potatoes…oh my gosh…thank god we didn’t order anything extra…was so full!!!! The price was not bad for that amount of size as well ^^



These photos were taken from my friend’s insta cos I was too busy eating to realise that I was supposed to take photos XD

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