You’re a barista..know your coffee!

Ordered coffee at uni today and was so frustrated and annoyed at that stupid barista. Poor service and he doesn’t even have a great understanding of what americano is!!! How is that possible? How did he get that job in the first place? Naturally..I complained and rudely got lectured by him in public saying that americano is iced only whereas if I wanted hot water…I should’ve asked for a long black instead. So rude.

Below is what I’d written to their company..hope he gets fired.


I’m sorry but I just need to complain..because of the poor service and the barista’s lack of knowledge. I ordered an americano and he gave me the iced version despite specifically saying that I wanted mine with hot water. So the 2nd time, he gave me a cold americano just without the ice and I also have to tell him again that I wanted it with hot water. Luckily he got it right the 3rd time but then he lectured me in public by stating that americano is only iced and I should’ve said ‘long black’ instead. I’m sure you would agree that he was quite rude to say this to a customer especially if he’s in the wrong.

Also, I got my coffee around 10mins later after placing my order which made me late for my lecture & other customers who were after me in the queue got their coffee before me. That was quite disappointing. I hope that your other baristas are knowledgeable about their coffees and won’t make that same mistake.


Currently awaiting their reply…should’ve said that the americano was bad cos it was so diluted..never going to go back there again.


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