Warm Day

Atm I’m squeezing oranges, lemon and grapefruit for my daily juice ^^

Surprise surprise! I’m quite shock that I woke up early today but I guess it’s because of the bright sun shining and it’s warm~~
Maybe…it’s also because my clothes arrived from The Iconic~~~ they have really fast shipping and I love the individual mini bags that come with the clothes I bought~ however…I need to exchange a skirt to a smaller size…hehes
I also bought bras which I’m excited to wear!!! Love lingerie shopping XD

I actually have a lot of free time now as classes doesn’t begin till 1pm today~~ so I really need to stop procrastinating and focus on my assignments due in a few wks….

I’ve started exercising again…my daily Zumba definitely works as years ago when I did this I was losing around 1-2kg per wk…I definitely need that loss now hahas

Might practice the piano soon..need to prepare for the final exam…eughh..

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