YAY!!!! I finally went running/jogging/walking/panting today…so proud of myself! After weeks..months…of procrastinating and making up excuses (not really..just wasn’t in the mood) I just instantly wore my sneakers and ran out of the house. Definitely spontaneous..ttly not planned…I mean…I was supposed to start reading articles for my upcoming assignment (due next wk) but I hated being cooped up at home so just went out. 

So…I told my parents…I don’t think they believe me..I mean..who will? Only GOD will know but too bad..and my phone as I got this running app to track my steps, frequency, calories lost, how long I ran, etc. which is really helpful and its great to know the stats!

Anyways, I need to get back to reading these white papers covered with black mess..but I’m contemplating on sleeping early XD hahas

How do I stop procrastinating? I stayed up till 1am this morning to finish my English assignment (also due next wk) which was sadly only 500 words…I guess…the shorter the assignment…the longer I procrastinate..I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I actually like writing 1500+ essays..I think its because I’m so used to writing that amount since HSC and last sem. 

Oh~ my brother is back from his late night drive with dad (Ls licence hahas) and mum…as usual is on the phone..gossiping…like all mothers do as their “hobby”

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