I survived first week of uni for sem 2!

This week has been a bit full on as my desk is already messy and filled with sheets of paper belonging to different units which I can’t comprehend as I need coffee in my system now..

But, so far…I like my tutors and lecturers except one of them because his voice is so monotoned…how am I going to concentrate????? Luckily…I don’t attend his lectures physically but listen to them online as I have others classes at that same time..XD 


I took this picture on my way to the car…the sun was so bright and I knew…I forgot my sunnies again hahas..

I can’t wait till Spring arrives…no more dilemmas on wearing thermal during winter despite the day being sunny and warm which really annoys me as I have to take it off then wear it again once the cool wind blows against me…

Now I’m trying to follow my ‘study timetable’ which I’ve just finished yesterday in hopes that I will actually STUDY and not procrastinate which I’m currently doing…so now I need to finish Doyle’s “The Sign of Four” before my English tute…



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