Last month of Winter

Today is the 2nd day of August and I can’t help but think of how fast time goes by from the beginning of this year especially since this is my first year of university. I have one more day left before semester 2 begins which I don’t feel so sad as I can’t wait to begin my courses!

I think I’m crazy for wearing a thin short sleeve T-shirt in this cold weather (currently 13°C) but I’m so lazy to even put on a cardigan or scarf…Also, I dread to think the times I will spend to plan, put on, take off and ponder on what to wear everyday…I’m not sure if guys feels like this but its so hard to be a GIRL! Especially…I’m surrounded with friends who are such experts on make-up themselves yet I can’t even put eyeliner on myself properly! Its so hard trying not to poke your eyes! But…I’m learning…slowly…so hopefully I can become a pro soon XD

Can’t wait till next month to arrive as it will be my birthday and its SPRING! I love spring…the flowers, the warmth and blueberries!!!! Great spring fruit and I love munching on them as snack!! hehes

A promise I want to make for myself…I need to excel in driving and be able to park confidently (I can only kerb park).

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