Katoomba Day 2

Started my day being a bit grumpy as I’m running on less than 2 hrs of sleep… Had a buffet breakfast downstairs in the hotel..meh..hahas

Then strolled down to Up Beet where they only have vegetarian options so my friend and I opted for a juice each to detoxify our body in preparation for our day ahead XD

Straight after, went to Paragon for ice coffee and carrot cake! Their carrot cake was a bit too sweet for my liking but it was a very huge slice!


An hour later, my friend and I are back at The Yellow Deli for that energising green drink again and lunch! I can’t believe we can still stomach more food after Paragon..but we did!



Then….some time later….walked all the way to Lilianfels for high tea (three tiered) with champagne..


If you think that’s all we ate today….DA DA DUMMMM wrong!
We had dinner at Pins on Lurline which was exquisite!!! If I do come back to Katoomba, will definitely bring my friends and family here to dine with! The Shiraz we had was great and loved it!


Meals pictured above:
– chargrilled kangaroo loin fillet with Moroccan spice, rostii potato, mixed salad leaves with tomato dressing
– garlic tiger prawn linguini simmered in a whiskey tomato saffron cream


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