Mikazuki @ Parramatta

Located on the ground floor of University of Western Sydney (UWS) at Parramatta, this place offers an array of Japanese dishes. When we first arrived, we were immediately brought to our seats, provided with water and menu. Nice and quick – I like that. Opening up the menu, I immediately liked what I saw – options, … More Mikazuki @ Parramatta

I Cannot Hug You 无论拥抱的你 – 2018 CDrama

无论拥抱的你 or otherwise known as “I cannot hug you” is based on a webtoon called “unTouchable”. It is a modern-day romance between a vampire and a human. However, the vampire in this drama is different to what we expect as there is no bloodsucking or neck biting. In fact, the vampires gets full by absorbing human’s … More I Cannot Hug You 无论拥抱的你 – 2018 CDrama