I’ve been a nail-holic since young and I doubt this will stop. I’m the type of person who doesn’t care about my make-up unless my nails are on point. And long nails aren’t even required to have fun with art! BTW, I’m a huge OPI fan!

Air Abb @ Haymarket

I honestly though we could try both between us but no. Doesn’t matter because I was mainly here for hot pot anyways, and it was a cold and windy night 🥶 This place was honestly hard to get into! I mean, it’s confusing when there’s another Thai restaurant called Air Abb and is located right … More Air Abb @ Haymarket

I was harassed.

I still can’t believe it. In this day and age, what I’ve been seeing and hearing from the news has unfortunately knocked on my doorstep. What respectable human being would do that to another one? No one. They’re just uncivilised idiots. But it hurts. It only happened on 11th May and the student got suspended … More I was harassed.

Gogijib @ Eastwood

When I first saw this place, I was immediately reminded of Itaewon Class due to its posters of my fave characters. I wonder if they’re allowed to do this lol. It is only due to these posters that made me want to try this place. Usually I would’ve already had a go-to place but there … More Gogijib @ Eastwood