[Review] 三十而已 Nothing but Thirty – 2020 Cdrama

At last it is complete! 43 episodes! And all on YouTube! I remember when I first hopped on this journey a few weeks ago and was intrigued with how they captured the authentic, yet current lives of women in Mainland China. Based in Shanghai, one of the prominent and developed cities in Mainland China, this … More [Review] 三十而已 Nothing but Thirty – 2020 Cdrama

Hanabi @ Lidcombe

KBBQ has always been on my mind and I never sick of it. This time, I’ve ventured to a place I’ve never been before – Lidcombe. The last time I had KBBQ was in January in Korea…wait…I think Eastwood but it was also around Jan/Feb when I came back. Still…it was many many months ago! … More Hanabi @ Lidcombe

Easy Korean Brunch

Ever since the start of lockdown and WFH, I’ve been having two meals a day: one at 10-11am and the other 4-5pm. I actually don’t mind this new routine because it also fits with my school routine now that I’m back at work physically. When I was WFH, I would be making my food fresh … More Easy Korean Brunch