Seige in Fog/Colour of night 人生若如初相见 – 2018 Cdrama

Another drama series adapted from the novel 迷雾围城 which was published in 2011. This 50-ep drama (which has already finished) is about: The warlord’s Republic of China. The predators in the north, the Yi Family are seemingly calm. The father is kind and the sons are filial. Further inland, it is actually full of lumps of … More Seige in Fog/Colour of night 人生若如初相见 – 2018 Cdrama

Brisbane Day 6

The day has come. It’s my final day at Brisbane and it feels weird. I can’t believe I spent the past few days away from home…and away from my bed! It feels like I left for such a long time when in actual fact it has only been less than a week. It feels surreal … More Brisbane Day 6

Brisbane Day 5

Another early start to a very long day and night! I woke up early and got ready to go out to Sandgate and Shorncliffe. Both are coastal suburbs and it was such a perfect day to go out to the ocean as it did not rain one bit! We got off at Sandgate and walked … More Brisbane Day 5

Brisbane Day 4

This was primarily a ‘me’ day as I got to explore the city (when dry) by myself since my friends have uni classes. It was alright because there was this exhibition I wanted to go to (and I know it will not interest them) and this was the opportune time to go! I woke up … More Brisbane Day 4

Brisbane Day 3

I love how its always so sunny whenever I wake up as the bright light makes my eyes adjust to the new day. However, I always wake up so early! Anyways, our plan for today is to head east to Wynnum (if its not raining) since both of us have never been there before and … More Brisbane Day 3