Weeknight out

This semester has been a very very BUSY one! Even though there were no exams, the assignments added up and were stressful (especially since one of them was 50% of the final grade)! But I am glad I have this short holiday break before taking off to another school for 30 days unpaid teaching. Yes, … More Weeknight out

[RECAPS] 楚乔传 Princess Agents Ep 24 & 25 – 2017 Cdrama

Ep 24: It is execution day for Yan Xun as we see performers and soldiers preparing for this grave affair. Honestly, this is the first drama I’ve seen where there are performances about execution. Given that they are wearing a white mask, it is intriguing as we would usually I would see people crying or … More [RECAPS] 楚乔传 Princess Agents Ep 24 & 25 – 2017 Cdrama